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STRT Week Roundtables - July 2020

Last week, we hosted STRT week with 5 virtual roundtables focused on helping STRT(ers) with their STRT(ups).

Alexandra Beekley - Meilleure Vie Rosie

Alexandra Parvaz & Melanie Espinal - Clever Octopus

Chris Tiedge - LetsEat

Andrew Pignanelli - Decheque

Samuel Mehr - Vibe

Thank you everybody for making STRT week a huge success!

Ainsley Llyod, Alex Lord, Brian Springer, Daryl Price, Earl Foote, Garret Robertson, Josh Steele, Mike Whitmire, Mo Reeder, Nik Ruoti, Robert Bell, Sarah Baytop Scott, Shaykayla Smith, Tom Gardner, Victor Gill

Create the Future.

Learn more about STRT at

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