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Do schools kill creativity?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Are you ready to redefine intelligence and revolutionize the way we nurture creators? In 2007, Sir Ken Robinson urged for an education revolution by embracing the changing world by embracing creativity in this thought-provoking @TED Talk. Robinson explores the path to unleashing a new era of innovation and fulfillment that inspires us to seek change.

Robinson asserts that creativity is as important as literacy in education and should be accorded the same level of significance. He observes that children are unafraid to take risks and make mistakes, rather they embrace the possibility of being wrong in fostering creativity. However, as children grow into adults, they tend to lose this capacity due to a fear of making mistakes, which is perpetuated by a society that stigmatizes errors. To combat this, Robinson calls for broader recognition of diverse talents and equal recognition of creativity alongside traditional subjects.

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