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Founders’ Friday Two

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Founders’ Friday Two was hosted at Boxcar Studios an incredible space created by artist Jake Buntjer.

Performances by Jay Warren, Nate Waite and Alpine Loop were absolutely amazing. It was a great night of enjoying local artists and connecting with a brilliant group of creators.

To apply to attend an upcoming Founders’ Friday sign up at

New creators, new venue, every Friday.

Benjamin Reece, Callie Bailey, Emmanuel Martinez, Jake Buntjer, Jay Warren, Julian Askov, Justine Sundrud, Logan Casper, Maria Charles, Matt Bryson, Max Scholes, Miles Hewett, Nancy Mayer, Nate Waite, Nick Thurber, Robert Fogarty, Seth Bailey, Seth Berlin, Shane Kelson, Shaykayla Smith, Sherell Barnes, Travis Casper, Victor Gill, Zahara Ali

Mister Pauper's Boxcar -

Create the Future.

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