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STRT(up) Spotlight: Sadie Bowler - Turning Personal Passions into Purposeful Products

Updated: Apr 2

In the bustling entrepreneurial landscape of the University of Utah, Sadie Bowler stands out as a beacon of ingenuity and dedication. Her journey from an avid young stylist to the co-founder of Sadie B. is a story of turning personal passions into a business that's much more than just a brand—it's a mission.

The Spark of Inspiration: From Trails to Treatments

For Sadie, the trail to success began quite literally on a trail in Banff, Canada, during a family camping trip. Amidst nature's beauty, Sadie and her sister Abby dreamed up a brand that would cater to girls like themselves—active, adventurous, and in search of products that resonate with their lifestyles. It wasn't just about creating something new; it was about addressing the gaps they saw in the beauty industry and its impact on mental health.

Crafting Confidence: The Birth of Sadie B.

What started as an idea between two sisters became a reality with Sadie B. Personal Care, launching in May 2022 with a powerful ethos: Girl Care. This innovative approach intertwines physical and mental hygiene, aiming to shift the focus from appearances to personal development and mental well-being. As Sadie put it, "We created SadieB Personal Care to combine physical and mental hygiene, powered by girls."

Juggling Dual Roles: The Student-Entrepreneur Balance

Navigating the demands of academia while developing Sadie B. has been a formidable challenge for Sadie, yet she's managed to strike a dynamic equilibrium. With the support and mentorship from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, she has been able to blend her classroom learnings with real-world business operations, fostering an enriching educational experience.

A Tangible Dream: Prototypes to Products

Sadie recalls the excitement of bringing her vision to life, from conceptual meetings with Enlisted Design to seeing the final prototype in hand. After years of dedication, holding the tangible embodiment of her hard work was surreal and underscored the gratification of seeing an idea evolve into a reality.

Beyond Beauty: A Vision for Change

SadieB is not just selling personal care products; it's championing a cause. With a partnership with Girl Up Foundation and a pledge to donate 1% of revenue to girls' mental health causes, Sadie's vision is to fundamentally alter the dialogue surrounding beauty and self-worth. "My hope is to make a real difference in the mental health crisis girls are facing," Sadie affirms.

A Call to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Mentorship Matters

For those dreaming of their own startup success, Sadie emphasizes the importance of seeking mentors. "Our mentors have truly gotten us to where we are," she asserts, underscoring the profound impact of guidance and support from the entrepreneurial community, especially in Utah.

Looking to the Future: Growth and Goals

With Sadie B.'s products hitting Target shelves in February 2024, Sadie has her sights set on becoming the number one personal care brand for girls, aiming for accessibility and an expansion of the product line. This growth is not just about scale; it's about amplifying a message and a movement that empowers girls everywhere.

Entrepreneurial Lessons: Kindness as a Keystone

Reflecting on her journey, Sadie shares a vital entrepreneurial lesson: kindness towards oneself. Overcoming self-doubt, learning from mistakes, and maintaining mental hygiene are daily practices that have shaped her approach to business and life.

Sadie Bowler's story is one of passion transformed into purpose, where entrepreneurial success intertwines with social impact. As STRT(up) highlights her achievements and the potential of Sadie B., it's clear that Sadie's legacy will inspire and empower young entrepreneurs for years to come.

You can find Sadie B products by visiting their website or in your local target.


Sadie Bowler

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