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University of Minnesota's Own Leon Xue: Charting the Course from University Studies to Smart Home Success with Intecular

Updated: Apr 1

Introducing Leon Xue: Leading the Charge in Smart Home Innovation

Leon Xue is defining the future of home living while pursuing his finance degree at the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management. His startup, Intecular, launched with the groundbreaking InvisOutlet, has captivated the Kickstarter community, reaching its funding goal in mere minutes and eventually securing sixteen times their initial aim. This is just the beginning for Intecular, with Leon's ambition steering the company towards a diverse portfolio of premier smart sensors and devices to elevate our living spaces.

Lawrence Ko (right)

The Foundation of Intecular: Lawrence Ko's Visionary Blueprint

At the core of Intecular's innovative surge is the partnership between Leon Xue and Lawrence Ko. Lawrence, the brainchild behind Intecular, embarked on his smart home journey with a clear vision: to refine the smart home setup process that traditionally involved cumbersome sensor installations, battery replacements, and unsightly drilling. His initial frustration with the lack of simplicity and elegance in existing smart home solutions sparked the creation of the Invis Outlet. Lawrence recalls, "When I first delved into the world of smart homes, I wanted to maintain the aesthetic design of my home's interior... I said to myself, 'There must be a better way.'" This led to the development of a product that could seamlessly integrate into existing home infrastructures without the need for extensive modifications.

Determined to adhere to a principle of upgradability, Lawrence devoted himself to designing a solution that homeowners could easily update without replacing entire outlets. "My product must be upgradable over time," Lawrence committed, a promise that has culminated in the InvisOutlet—a testament to his dedication to continuous innovation. It is this visionary approach that laid the groundwork for Intecular's flagship product, with Leon driving the venture's business strategy forward to bring Lawrence's invention to the mass market.

The Dual Pursuit of Academics and Entrepreneurship

Leon's narrative is one of tenacious commitment, skillfully juggling the stringent demands of academic life with the rigorous challenges of leading a startup. His journey is marked by an extraordinary drive for excellence that refuses to settle for mediocrity in any endeavor. "I'm a very academically driven person," Leon explains, emphasizing his resolve to excel both in the classroom and in the entrepreneurial sphere. His dedication to Intecular is not a seasonal affair; it's an all-encompassing passion that demands his attention regardless of the academic calendar, underscoring an entrepreneurial spirit that burns brightly year-round.

This intense dedication, however, does not come without its trials. Leon candidly shares the inner conflict that arises from his dual commitments, "I care a lot about my schooling, but also I have my whole heart in Intecular." It's a delicate balance to strike, yet one that he navigates with a maturity beyond his years. The key to managing this double life, as Leon has discovered, is embracing the art of time management and acceptance of the intertwined nature of his pursuits. He articulates this balance by saying, "You really just got to put your head down. You got to start organizing. Time management is key."

Guiding Future Entrepreneurs with Experience

Leon's journey into the realm of entrepreneurship has been a beacon of learning, shining light on the core tenets of entrepreneurial success. He underscores the significance of adaptability and a broad vision, cautioning against the narrow focus hyper-specific goals can impose. "Always remember, goals are crucial, but don't let them blind you. Stay flexible, keep your eyes wide open, and never let hyper-specific goals narrow your vision," Leon advises, emphasizing the necessity of remaining open to unforeseen opportunities and learning pathways.

Delving deeper into his advice for fellow entrepreneurs, Leon shares a profound observation that resonates with many in the startup world: "Nobody will truly ever be prepared for building a product and launching a business." He reflects on the journeys of icons like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, noting that "no one ever knows how to do everything right." This insight is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs who may hesitate due to a perceived lack of experience or knowledge. Leon encourages taking the leap, emphasizing that the act of starting is what truly distinguishes an entrepreneur. "The only thing that differentiates an entrepreneur and someone that just has a great product is just taking that first step," he states.

Charting the Course for Smart Home Innovation with Intecular

Leon Xue and Lawrence Ko, through their startup Intecular, are pioneering a transformative approach to smart home technology. Beginning with the InvisOutlet, they're tackling the inefficiencies and clutter common in today's smart homes, aiming to consolidate disparate devices into a single, integrated ecosystem. Leon articulates a vision where Intecular simplifies home management: "We want something to be completely comprehensive... You can control your entire home ecosystem with your phone," highlighting their ambition to streamline and enhance the smart home experience for users.

Their mission is clear: to establish Intecular as the definitive brand for smart home solutions, ensuring that consumers can easily equip their homes with advanced, integrated technologies without navigating a maze of devices. "The vision really has been for the next few years for Intecular to become the smart home brand," Leon states, envisioning a future where choosing Intecular means having all smart home needs met with unparalleled ease and efficiency. This goal drives their commitment to in-house development, ensuring every product meets their high standards for quality and integration.

As Leon and Lawrence move forward, their blend of visionary leadership and technical mastery is poised to redefine the smart home landscape. Their journey from a successful Kickstarter campaign to aiming for an all-encompassing smart home ecosystem exemplifies their innovative spirit and determination. Intecular stands at the forefront of making intuitive, connected home environments a reality, shaping how we live with technology in harmony.

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