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STRT(up) Spotlight - W Collective

What is the W Collective & why we love them

The W Collective's mission is to amplify and elevate women and women-led organizations through optimistic and diverse storytelling and experiences.

We love the W Collective because they are passionate about empowering, supporting, and inspiring women in their careers. We love the representation and inclusive community W Collective provides for women.

The founder

Robyn Cohen - “We need to hear women's stories, we need to know their businesses or positions with companies and we want to create a place or a hub, if you will, for both female entrepreneurs and executives...”

Where they’re at

The W Collective was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

W Collective right now is hyper-focused on content. The content on the site is promoted on social media and right now you can find the W Collective on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! They also have an Events and Resources Directory where they curate both for what they feel is beneficial to all women. They had a wonderful kickoff event at the end of January and they're looking forward to doing more events on a quarterly basis. Finally, they're also very active in the community, by attending online events, supporting and highlighting all the other women-focused organizations, and engaging and supporting as many women as they can!

Where they’re going

They would like to start a podcast and a video series. They also started to put together an entrepreneur workshop for women. They want to create other important workshops so they're helping women get the necessary skills for their careers and businesses. In the future, they would love to have a physical space that encompasses their vision and to expand to other cities!

Create the Future.

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