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Student Start(up) Highlight - Troy Brennan


Why we love and Site Marker Inc. and their Chief of Staff Troy Brennan

Site Marker Inc. is revolutionizing how construction professionals manage projects. Troy Brennan, their Chief of Staff, is an incredibly accomplished creator whose endeavors work to solve societal issues. Troy’s passion for wellness, entrepreneurship and collaboration inspires us to find solutions to problems we face.

Where they’re at

Site Marker works to streamline construction projects by allowing professionals to “reduce errors, improve efficiency, enhance workplace safety, and ultimately deliver exceptional results on time and within budget.” Currently, Troy’s dedicated to working on the product and operations side to scale Site Marker.

Troy’s entrepreneurial journey was paved by College of Charleston’s Honors Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (ELLC). The cohort’s leadership provided him with opportunities to meet creators who inspired him to bring his ideas to life.

Where they’ve been

In 2020, Troy won $10,000 in seed money at the ImpactX competition for an app that aimed to end the vaping epidemic. More recently, he worked with Jefferson Lab to develop an opportunity landscape as part of a commercialization project around e-beam environmental remediation of wastewater.

Where they’re going

Troy plans to join a venture studio to rapidly grow other companies and eventually start his own company after gaining industry knowledge.

“Not every piece of advice is built equal. Qualify who you take advice from and recognize that you know yourself best. Some advice is great and absolutely needed, while other advice is not.”

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